Although every SMART-TECHNIQUE repair is unique, to give you some idea of what we can do, we have produced the following guide. Remember, this is simply a guide and it is a repair, not a new replacement part – please contact us to arrange a quote on any of the following repairs;

Minor vehicle interior upholstery, leather, plastic or dashboard repairs
With the high cost and complication involved in purchasing and replacing or repairing leather, plastic, and vinyl interiors and trim in Automotive, Marine, Aviation and Domestic and Commercial upholstery situations, it’s a relief to know that nicks, tears, scuffs, scratches, faded colour and other minor damage can be repaired, restored and/or re-coloured. Using the SMART-TECHNIQUE interior repair systems we are able to restore your interiors or items to their former condition. Repairs involve colour and texture matching to replicate the original look as closely as possible.

Worn and faded leather
This impressive procedure means your faded, worn or just simply tired looking leather seats and trim are brought back to life - to look and feel as good as new. We match the colour (generally to a 99% match) of your leather with the latest high tech equipment to give a perfect finish, so you can have it back to its ‘as new’ condition. This process is not just limited to car upholstery, we can also repair or re-colour upholstery at work, home or office. This procedure can also be used on boats or planes, and we can change the colour entirely if you want a change or need to match another item !

Tears on leather or vinyl
It’s all too easy to catch a seat or door trim with shoes, buttons, zips or even pet damage, leaving an unsightly tear or split that you see EVERY time you get in or out or sit down ! Before it turns into a major repair or at worst a replacement seat or panel, we can repair and re-colour to virtually as good as new.

Dashboard and/or centre console holes, or Scuffed and scratched plastic trims
Often as a result of carrying shopping, tools, a trip to the rubbish dump or pets, interior panels can pick up little nicks, scuffs and scratches. Before Bluetooth® many vehicles had holes drilled to accept mobile phone mounts. These can all be quickly and easily fixed using SMART-TECHNIQUE repair systems. Using modern techniques and materials, we apply texture and re-colour the surrounding area for a virtually invisible repair.

Seat and upholstery burns
Cigarette burns in your leather / vinyl seats can be repaired using our SMART-TECHNIQUE colour and material matching systems. Colours and grain patterns are matched as closely as possible for an invisible repair.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Alloy wheels can all too easily get scuffed, scraped or chipped when parking, or when run along a curb causing unsightly damage to the wheel and detract from the overall appearance of your vehicle and can affect your car’s value. Many people leave damage such as minor kerb scuffs etc, however over time, water and brake dust can attack the wheel and cause it to oxidise, which is the aluminium version of rust. The oxidisation grows under the paint and lacquer, ultimately leaving your wheel with flaking paint and may render it unrepairable.

Using SMART-TECHNIQUE repair systems we can repair the damaged areas and refinish the wheel to look as good as new. SMART-TECHNIQUE refurbishments only use paint that is specifically designed for use on alloy wheels. Finally, we apply a hard wearing lacquer to complete the job, with a finish that is durable and long lasting.