Mercedes SLK - Restore worn and damaged interior

Due to persistent daily use the interior of this Mercedes shows severe signs of wear to the seats and console. The owners called SMART-TECHNIQUE to restore the interior back to its original condition.

Vespa Scooter Seat - Restore the same colour with repairs

This seat from a traditional scooter required re colouring and a repair on each side. The owner had taken off a grab strap which left two holes where fixings held it on. SMART-TECHNIQUE repaired the holes and resprayed the seat and strap in black

Mercedes SLK

Mercedes SLK - Restore worn and damaged interior

This Mercedes was suffering from severe wear and damage to many of the interior console panels. Also the seats required deep cleaning and recolouring to rid of ground in dirt and stains. Look at the difference SMART-TECHNIQUE achieved with restoring this vehicle.

Steering Wheel - Restore worn patches and recolour

This steering wheel suffered from a common problem of wear due to its age and mileage the vehicle had covered. The dealership selling the vehicle called SMART-TECHNIQUE to restore the steering wheel so not to put off potential customers.

Mercedes 320 Cabriolet - Restore worn and cracked interior

Due to the age and mileage of this Mercedes it suffered from the usual symptoms of worn and cracked leather upholstery. The dealership selling this vehicle called SMART-TECHNIQUE to clean and recolour the seats to enhance the appearance of the vehicle and attract potential customers.

BMW 328 Cabriolet- Repair and Restore dirty, worn and cracked upholstery

Like most cabriolets the leather in this BMW had become very dirty and suffered from cracking caused by age , use and exposure to direct sunlight. The owner takes much pride in this car and called SMART-TECHNIQUE to thouorghly clean and restore the interior back to its original condition.